Review 1997


In order to get this uploaded before work slams me down again, I've consciously conserved some of my time by omitting the review process -- hopefully not forever -- and only listed the works that deserve recognition.


Any unabridged book that you were forced to read in high school. Most likely you read Cliff Notes or even worse, setteled for the movie.

Unfortunately I only read one classic for the year, Alices's Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass and since I wasn't impressed with it, I have nothing further to say on Classics for 1997.


Any work of fiction that is not a Classic, Science Fiction or Whodunit. In the book trade this catagory would be titled contemporary fiction.


This category exists only as a collector for any work that can not be categorized elsewhere. I hate it, but no one has offered me anything better.


This category includes astronomy, cosmology, physics, genetics, biology, anthropology, paleontology, and just about any of the other -ologies out there. Also includes science and technological history.

Science Fiction

SCIENCE Fiction -- not Fantasy Fiction. Enough said.


Spelled as properly pronounced. Think Christie, Marsh and Sayers. No hard-boiled, private detectives or policemen. No Grisham.