Quotes 2014

"People will stare. Make it worth their while."
Harry Winston

"You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet."
Christian Dior

"There are those girls with golden hair whom you half notice in a crowd. You see one on the outer edges of vision, in the people flooding toward you..., blond head uncovered, weaving through the dark ones, the caps, the hats, your eye catching the blondness, but registering nothing else. Then you find, when she's passed, it's too late."
Martha Grimes, The Way Of All Fish

"They thought the Kindle was cretinous; you read, you want to read a book, not a slab of hardware. Hardware was something that shot bullets."
Martha Grimes, The Way Of All Fish

"There us no such thing as an unmitigated good. All positive traits, states, and experiences have costs that at high levels may begin to outweigh their benefits."
Barry Schwartz / Adam Grant
Malcolm Gladwell, David And Goliath

"...the larger you become as a company, the more likely are smart people inside the company to become dumb."
Hayagreeva Rao, Scaling Up Excellence: Getting to More Without Settling for Less

"After spending most of her life scanning the horizon for slights and threats, genuine and imagined, she knew the real threat to her happiness came not from the dot in the distance, but from looking for it. Expecting it. Waiting for it. And in some cases, creating it."
Louise Penny, The Long Way Home

"I called him into the office and told him there were four statements that lead to wisdom. I said I was only going to recite them once, and he could do with them as he wished. ... I don't know. I was wrong. I'm sorry. I need help."
Louise Penny, The Long Way Home

"You should hear me on the subject of shoes. Such as your Christian Louboutin." He looked down.
She was genuinely surprised. "Wow!"
"Red Soles."
She wowed again.
Martha Grimes, Vertigo 42

"It's all about appearances. Sometimes that's what I think life is: all appearance. No reality."
Martha Grimes, Vertigo 42

"Whoever got anything in life by being careful. Every time you stop to figure what the other fellow's going to do, you unconsciously figure what you'd do in his place. The result is that you're not fighting him, but yourself. You always come to a stalemate. Every time you think of a move, you think of a perfect defense.

The best fighters don't worry about what the other may do. And if they keep things moving fast enough, the other man is too busy to do much thinking."
Erle Stanley Gardner, The Case Of The Baited Hook

"I'm not afraid of heights, have you seen my shoes?"
Carrie Bradshaw

"People can be so normal and sober these days. I guess they like beige."
Stella Schnabel, "True Colors", Porter, Winter Escape 2014

"The world's like the weather... You can't change it. And you can't shape it. But it'll shape you."
Peter May, The Black House

"When love comes down the trail, everything else - wealth, ambition, security, even one's career - retreats into the shadows."
Jack McDevitt, Coming Home

"Few people achieve greatness. One reason is that the opportunity, for the vast majority of us, never ever shows up. Another is that if it does, it will inevitably look like a long shot. And the temptation invariably is to play it safe."
Jack McDevitt, Coming Home

"Historians are not to be trusted. They believe what they wish, crushing facts underfoot and twisting outcomes to fit preconceptions. History, as it is presented to us, is no more than a point of view."
Jack McDevitt, Coming Home

"The vast majority of us are far more capable than we realize. We grow up with parents, teachers, bosses all telling us what we can't do. Don't touch it; you'll break it. They mean well, but they leave us with a sense of our own incapacity. When the day comes, it if comes, that you begin to believe in yourself, the world will be yours."
Jack McDevitt, Coming Home

"Truth lacks the privilege of being employed at all times and under every circumstance. As noble as it is, it has its limits."
Jack McDevitt, Coming Home