Completions 2011


Dan Kennedy   Rock On
Jonathan Lethem   Chronic City
Banana Yoshimoto   The Lake


Malcolm Gladwell   Outliers
Walter Isaacson   Steve Jobs
Jonathan Walford   Shoes A-Z

Science Fiction

Jack McDevitt   Echo
Robert J. Sawyer   WWW: Watch
Connie Willis   Black Out


Andrea Camilleri   The Track Of Sand
    The Potter's Field
E. X. Ferrars   A Murder Too Many
Robert Goldsborough   Murder In E Minor
    Death on Deadline
    The Bloodied Ivy
    The Last Coincidence
    Fade To Black
    Silver Spire
    The Missing Chapter
Jane Haddam   Murder Superior
    Dear Old Dead
    Festival of Deaths
    Bleeding Hearts
    Fountain of Death
    And One to Die On
    Baptism In Blood
    Deadly Beloved
    Skeleton Key
    True Believers
    Somebody Else's Music
    Conspiracy Theory
    The Headmaster's Wife
    Hardscrabble Road
    Glass Houses
    Cheating At Solitaire
Anthony Horowitz   The House Of Silk
Laurie R. King   Pirate King
Val McDermid   A Place Of Execution
Louise Penny   A Trick Of The Light
Peter Robinson   Cold Is The Grave
    Close To Home
    Playing With Fire
    Strange Affair
    Piece Of My Heart
    Friend of the Devil
    All The Colors Of Darkness