Completions 2010


Greg Olear   Totally Killer
Arturo Perez-Reverte   The Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet
Banana Yoshimoto   Hardboiled and Hard Luck


Malcolm Gladwell   What the Dog Saw
    The Tipping Point

Science Fiction

Paolo Bacigalupi   The Windup Girl
Ben Bova   Mars Life
William Gibson   Zero History
Jack McDevitt   Time Travelers Never Die
Frederik Pohl   The Siege Of Eternity
    The Far Shore Of Time
Robert J. Sawyer   WWW: Wake
Vernor Vinge   A Fire Upon The Deep


Andrea Camilleri   The Snack Thief
    Voice of the Violin
    Excursion To Tindari
    The Smell of the Night
    Rounding The Mark
    The Patience Of The Spider
    August Heat
    The Paper Moon
    The Wings Of The Sphinx
Ake Edwardson   The Shadow Woman
Martha Grimes   The Black Cat
Jane Haddam   A Great Day For The Deadly
    Feast Of Murder
    Stillness in Bethlehem
Laurie R. King   The God of the Hive
Henning Mankell   The Pyramid
Louise Penny   Bury Your Dead
Peter Robinson   Final Account
    Innocent Graves
    Blood At The Root
    In A Dry Season
Charles Todd   Legacy of the Dead
    Watchers Of Time
    A Fearsome Doubt
    A Test Of Wills
    The Murder Stone
    A Cold Treachery
    A Long Shadow