Completions 2009


Nicholson Baker   The Anthologist
Robert Olen Butler   Mr. Spaceman
Stieg Larsson   The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Katherine Neville   The Eight


Alton Brown   Good Eats: The Early Years
Chelsea Handler   My Horizontal Life
Scott Schuman   The Sartorialist

Science Fiction

Stephen Baxter   Manifold Time
Greg Bear   The Forge Of God
    Anvil Of Stars
    Moving Mars
Gregory Benford   Timescape
Peter F. Hamilton   The Reality Dysfunction
Jack McDevitt   Moonfall
    Eternity Road
    The Devil's Eye
S. M. Stirling   Conquistador
Vernor Vinge   Rainbows End


Margaery Allingham   The China Governess
    The Mind Readers
Andrea Camilleri   The Shape Of Water
    The Terra-Cotta Dog
Harlan Coben   Drop Shot
Michael Connelly   Echo Park
Clare Curzon   Cat's Cradle
    First Wife, Twice Removed
    Death Prone
    Close Quarters
    Body Of A Woman
Bartholomew Gill   McGarr and the Politician's Wife
    McGarr and the Sienese Conspiracy
    McGarr on the Cliffs of Moher
Jane Haddam   Not A Creature Was Stirring
    Precious Blood
    Act Of Darkness
    Quoth The Raven
Laurie R. King   The Language of Bees
Louise Penny   Still Life
    A Fatal Grace
    The Cruelest Month
    A Rule Against Murder
    The Brutal Telling
Elizabeth Peters   The Laughter Of Dead Kings
Peter Robinson   A Dedicated Man
    A Necessary End
    The Hanging Valley
    Past Reason Hated
    Gallows View
    Wednesday's Child
Georges Simenon   Maigret Stonewalled
June Thomson   No Flowers, By Request
Charles Todd   Wings Of Fire
    Search The Dark
Patricia Wentworth   The Watersplash
    Ladies' Bane
    Out of the Past
    Vanishing Point
    The Benevent Treasure
    The Silent Pool
    The Listening Eye