Completions 2008


Rudyard Kipling   Kim
Kurt Vonnegut   Cat's Cradle


Italo Calvino   Cosmicomics
Joshua Ferris   Then We Came To The End
Allan Folsom   The Day After Tomorrow
Nick Hornby   High Fidelity
Chip Kidd   The Learners
Ed Park   Personal Days
Marie Phillips   Gods Behaving Badly
Philip Roth   The Human Stain
Joseph Weisberg   An Ordinary Spy
Jeanette Winterson   The Stone Gods


Thomas Kohnstamm   Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?


Richard Dawkings   The God Delusion

Science Fiction

Arthur C. Clarke / Stephen Baxter   Sunstorm
Arthur C. Clarke / Frederik Pohl   The Last Theorem
Ben Bova   Return To Mars
Joe Haldeman   Camouflage
Peter F. Hamilton   Pandora's Star
    Judas Unchained
Robert A. Heinlein   Starship Troopers
    The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
Jack McDevitt   Polaris
    The Engines Of God
    Infinity Beach
    A Talent For War
    Ancient Shores
Chris Moriarty   Spin State
Frederik Pohl   Gateway
    The Other End Of Time
Alastair Reynolds   Revelation Space
Kim Stanley Robinson   Antarctica
S. M. Stirling   In The Court Of The Crimson Kings
Peter Watts   Starfish


Margery Allingham   Deadly Duo
    The Tiger In The Smoke
    The Estate Of The Beckoning Lady
    Tether's End
Cara Black   Murder In The Marais
Agatha Christie   Black Coffee
    The Unexpected Guest
Michael Dibdin   End Games
Dashiell Hammett   The Maltese Falcon
P. D. James   The Private Patient
Laurie R. King   Touchstone
Guillermo Martinez   The Oxford Murders
Arturo Perez-Reverte   The Sun Over Breda
June Thomson   Alibi In Time
    Shadow Of A Doubt
    Sound Evidence
    A Dying Fall
Patricia Wentworth   The Brading Collection
    Through The Walls
    Death At Deep End
    The Ivory Dagger