Completions 2006



Max Barry   Company
Elizabeth Kostova   The Historian
Melissa P.   One Hundred Strokes of the Brush Before Bed
Matthew Pearl   The Poe Shadow
Iain Pears   The Portrait
Nina Shengold   Clearcut


Bill Amend   How Come I'm Always Luigi?
Darby Conley   Scrum Bums


Science Fiction

Arthur C. Clarke / Stephen Baxter   Time's Eye
Neil Gaiman   Fragile Things
Robert A. Heinlein   Time Enough For Love
Kim Stanley Robinson   Fifty Degrees Below


Catherine Aird   The Religious Body
    Henrietta Who?
    The Late Phoenix
    A Most Contagious Game
Margery Allingham   The Black Dudley Murder
    Mystery Mile
    Look To The Lady
    Police At The Funeral
John Dickson Carr   The Lost Gallows
Agatha Christie   Murder In Retrospect
Carter Dickson   The Punch And Judy Murders
Aaron Elkins   Icy Clutches
Dick Francis   Nerve
Martha Grimes   Belle Ruin
    The Old Wine Shades
Michael Innes   Appleby On Ararat
Laurie R. King   The Art of Detection
Anne Morice   Death In The Round
Arturo Perez-Reverte   The Flanders Panel
Dorothy L. Sayers
Jill Paton Walsh
  Thrones, Dominations
Rex Stout   The Black Mountain
June Thomson   Death Cap
Minette Walters   Chickenfeed
Patricia Wentworth   Grey Mask
    The Case Is Closed
    Lonesome Road
    The Clock Strikes Twelve