Completions 2005


Edgar Allan Poe   Selected Poems & Tales


Dan Brown   Angels & Demons
Rita Mae Brown   Alma Mater
John Twelve Hawks   The Traveler
Khaled Hosseini   The Kite Runner
Hitomi Kanchara   Snakes and Earrings
Haruki Murakami   Kafka on the Shore


Charles Barkley   Who's Afraid Of A Large Black Man?
Verity Stob   The Best Of Verity Stob


Science Fiction

Neil Gaimen   Neverwhere
    Anansi Boys
Ursula K. Le Guin   The Birthday Of The World
Kim Stanley Robinson   Forty Signs Of Rain
Dan Simmons   Ilium


Rita Mae Brown   The Hunt Ball
Douglas Clark   Nobody's Perfect
    Sick To Death
    Premedicated Murder
Michael Dibdin   Back To Bologna
John Dunning   The Sign Of The Book
Leslie Forbes   Bombay Ice
Kenneth Giles   A Murderous Journey
Laurie R. King   Locked Rooms
Elizabeth Lemarchand   Death Of An Old Girl
    Alibi For A Corpse
    The Affacombe Affair
Georges Simenon   Maigret Goes Home
    Maigret and the Gangsters
Rex Stout   Triple Jeopardy
    Three Men Out
    Three At Wolfe's Door
Margaret Truman   Murder In The White House
Robert Wilson   A Small Death In Lisbon
Sara Woods   Malice Domestic
    The Third Encounter