Completions 2004


Gaston Leroux   The Phantom Of The Opera


Brian Andreas   Traveling Light
Dan Brown   The Da Vinci Code
Charles Busch   The Tale Of The Allergist's Wife
Ian Caldwell
Dustin Thomason
  The Rule Of Four
Martha Conway   12 Bliss Street
Neil Gaiman   American Gods
Mary Gaitskill   Bad Behavior
Mark Haddon   The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time
Erin Cressida Wilson
Steven Shainberg


Berkeley Breathed   Opus: 25 Years Of His Sunday Best
Darby Conley   The Get Fuzzy Experience
Jerry Scott
Jim Borgman
  Teenage Tales: Zits Sketchbook #8


James Burke   Circles

Science Fiction

Robert A. Heinlen   Stranger In A Strange Land
    The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
Neal Stephenson   Quicksilver


Lilian Jackson Braun   The Cat Who Smelled A Rat
    The Cat Who Went Up The Creek
Michael Dibdin   Medusa
Carter Dickson   Seeing Is Believing
Carole Nelson Douglas   The Adventuress
John Dunning   The Bookman's Promise
Aaron Elkins   Curses!
Katherine V. Forrest   Murder By Tradition
Kenneth Giles   Some Beasts No More
    Death And Mr. Prettyman
    Death Cracks A Bottle
E. X. Giroux   A Death For A Dietitian
    A Death For A Dreamer
    A Death For A Double
    A Death For A Dancing Doll
Martha Grimes   The Winds Of Change
Laurie R. King   The Game
Anne Morice   Scared To Death
Georges Simenon   Maigret And The Toy Village
Rex Stout   A Family Affair
    Three Witnesses
    The Father Hunt
    Curtains For Three
Josephine Tey   To Love And Be Wise
    The Singing Sands
    Miss Pym Disposes
    The Man In The Queue
Minette Walters   The Tinder Box
Colin Watson   Just What The Doctor Ordered
    Six Nuns And A Shotgun
Sara Woods   Bloody Instructions