Completions 1997


Lewis Carroll   Alices's Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass


Martha Baer   (As Francesca)
Linda Jaivin   Eat Me
Erika Lopez   Flaming Iguanas
Jeff Noon   Automated Alice
Anne Rice   Queen Of The Damned


Susie Bright   Sexual State Of The Union
Dr. Suess   My Many Colored Days
William A. Ewing   Blumenfeld: Photographs A Passion For Beauty
Helmut Newton   The Best Of Helmut Newton
Todd Oldham   Without Boundaries
Jon Scieszka
Lane Smith
  Math Curse
David Sedaris   Naked


Stephen Jay Gould   Questioning The Millennium
Katie Hafner
Matthew Lyon
  Where Wizards Stay Up Late
Richard Hanley   The Metaphysics Of Star Trek

Science Fiction

Kevin J. Anderson   Antibodies
Arthur C. Clarke   3001: The Final Odyssey
Charles Grant   Goblins
Kim Stanley Robinson   Blues Mars


Lillian Jackson Braun   The Cat Who Tailed A Thief
Rita Mae Brown
Sneaky Pie Brown
  Murder, She Meowed
Colin Dexter   Death Is Now My Neighbor
Michael Dibdin   Dark Specter
Sparkle Hayter   Revenge Of The Cootie Girls
Laurie R. King   A Letter Of Mary
Donna Leon   Death At La Fenice
    Death In A Strange Country
Orland Outland   Death Wore A Smart Little Outfit
Kate Ross   The Devil In Music
Steven Saylor   Arms Of Nemesis
Minette Walters   The Echo