Completions 1996


Ernest Hemingway   The Old Man And The Sea
Howard Pyle   The Story Of The Champions Of The Round Table
J.D. Salinger   The Catcher In The Rye
John Steinbeck   Of Mice And Men
Robert Louis Stevenson   Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
Mark Twain   A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court
H.G. Wells   The War Of The Worlds


Martin Amis   Dead Babies
Alison Baker   How I Came West, And Why I Stayed
    Loving Wanda Beaver
Rita Mae Brown   Riding Shotgun
Italo Calvino   Numbers In The Dark
Frank DeCaro   A Boy Named Phyllis
Ursula K. Le Guin   Unlocking The Air
Armistead Maupin   Tales Of The City
Bettina Rheims
Serge Bramly
  Chambre Close
Cathleen Schine   Rameau's Niece
Will Self   Grey Area
Elissa Wald   Meeting The Master


Amy Alkon
Caroline Johnson
Marlow Minnick
  Free Advice
Susie Bright   Sexwise
Rita Mae Brown   A Plain Brown Rapper
Lisa Carver   Dancing Queen
Mr. Microsquish   The Road Ahead
Cynthia Heimel   Sex Tips For Girls
    If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?!
Elsa Klensch   Style
Gary Larson   Last Chapter And Worse
Peter Lindbergh   10 Women By Peter Lindbergh
Helmut Newton   Illustrated, #4: "Dr. Phantasme"
Carla Sinclair   Net Chick
Bill Watterson   It's A Magical World
    There's Treasure Everywhere


James Burke
Robert Ornstein
  The Axemaker's Gift
James Burke   The Pinball Effect
Arthur C. Clarke   The Snows Of Olympus
Jane Goodall   My Life With The Chimpanzees
National Geographic Society   Frontline Of Discovery
Carl Sagan   The Demon-Haunted World
Ian Stewart   Nature's Numbers

Science Fiction

Kevin J. Anderson   Ground Zero
Isaac Asimov   The Currents Of Space
    Pebble In The Sky
Arthur C. Clarke
Mike McQuay
  Richter 10
William Gibson   Idoru
Ursula K. Le Guin   The Eye Of Heron
Jeff Noon   Vurt
Kim Stanley Robinson   Red Mars
    Green Mars
Bruce Sterling   Crystal Express


Lillian Jackson Braun   The Cat Who Said Cheese
Deborah Crombie   All Shall Be Well
Colin Dexter   Last Bus To Woodstock
    The Service Of All The Dead
    The Dead Of Jericho
    Morse's Greatest Mystery
Michael Dibdin   The Last Sherlock Holmes Story
    The Tryst
Aaron Elkins   Old Bones
Dick Francis   Driving Force
Jonathan Gash   The Possessions Of A Lady
James Grady   Six Days Of The Condor
Martha Grimes   Hotel Paradise
Ellen Hart   A Small Sacrifice
Sparkle Hayter   What's A Girl Gotta Do?
    Nice Girls Finish Last
Laurie R. King   The Beekeeper's Apprentice
    A Monstrous Regiment Of Women
    With Child
Donna Leon   Dressed For Death
Val McDermid   Open And Shut
Georges Simenon   Maigret And The Bum
    Maigret And The Calame Report
    Maigret And The Pickpocket
    Maigret And The Yellow Dog
Josephine Tey   A Shilling For Candles
    The Daughter Of Time
Minette Walters   The Scold's Bride