Completions 1995


Howard Pyle   The Story Of King Arthur And His Knights
Jules Verne   From The Earth To The Moon


Cathryn Alpert   Rocket City
Nicholson Baker   U And I
Thomas Beller   Seduction Theory
Rita Mae Brown   High Hearts
    Southern Discomfort
Anthony Burgess   A Clockwork Orange
William S. Burroughs   My Education
John Cleland   Fanny Hill
Charles D'Ambrosio   The Point
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle   33 By Arthur Conan Doyle
Annie Ernaux   A Frozen Woman
    A Man's Place
    A Woman's Story
    Simple Passion
Esther Freud   Hideous Kinky
Mark Frost   The 6 Messiahs
Almudena Grandes   The Ages Of Lulu
Josephine Hart   Oblivion
Tim LaHaye
Jerry B. Jenkins
  Left Behind
Alan Lightman   Good Benito
Susanna Moore   In The Cut
Vladimir Nabokov   Lolita
Dawn Raffel   In The Year Of Long Division
Laura Reese   Topping From Below
Cathleen Schine   The Love Letter
Will Self   The Quantity Theory Of Insanity
Alexander Trocchi   White Thighs
John Updike   A Month Of Sundays
Voltaire   Candide
Jeanette Winterson   Art And Lies
Amy Yamada   Trash
Banana Yoshimoto   Lizard


Laurie Anderson   Stories From The Nerve Bible
Kevyn Aucoin   The Art Of Makeup
Berkeley Breathed   One Last Little Peek, 1980-1995
Rita Mae Brown   Starting From Scratch: A Different Kind Of Writer's Manual
Susan Crain Bakos   Kink
Patrick Demarchelier   Photographs
Nancy Friday   My Secret Garden
Cynthia Heimel   Get Your Tongue Out Of My Mouth, I'm Kissing You Good-Bye!
    If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?
Kelly Klein   Underworld
Gary Larson   The FarSide Gallery 5
Helmut Newton   Selections From His Photographic Work
Jon Scieszka
Lane Smith
  The Stinky Cheese Man And Other Fairly Stupid Tales
    The True Story Of The 3 Little Pigs
Jon Scieszka
Steve Johnson
  The Frog Prince Continued
Jan Swafford   The Vintage Guide To Classical Music
Ellen Von Unwerth   Snaps
Bill Watterson   The Calvin & Hobbes Tenth Aniversary Book


Paul Davies   About Time
    The Last Three Minutes
    Are We Alone?
Richard Dawkins   River Out Of Eden
Richard P. Feynman   Six Easy Pieces
Nicholas Negroponte   Being Digital
Carl Sagan   Pale Blue Dot

Science Fiction

Isaac Asimov   Foundation
    Foundation And Empire
    Second Foundation
    Foundation's Edge
    Prelude To Foundation
    The Stars, Like Dust
Ben Bova   Mars
Arthur C. Clarke   A Fall Of Moondust
    Islands In The Sky
    Prelude To Space
    Tales From The White Hart
Fred Hoyle
John Elliot
  A For Andromeda
John Kessel   Meeting In Infinity
Ursula K. Le Guin   Four Ways To Forgiveness
    The Dispossessed
    A Wizard Of Earthsea
    The Tombs Of Atuan
    The Farthest Shore
Gentry Lee   Bright Messengers
Bruce Sterling   Islands In The Net


Lillian Jackson Braun   The Cat Who Blew The Whistle
Rita Mae Brown
Sneaky Pie Brown
  Pay Dirt
Agatha Christie   The Man In The Brown Suit
Colin Dexter   The Daughters Of Cain
Michael Dibden   Cabal
    The Dying Of The Light
    Dead Lagoon
John Dunning   Booked To Die
    The Bookman's Wake
Dick Francis   Decider
Jonathan Gash   The Grace In Older Women
    The Sin Within Her Smile
Elizabeth George   A Great Deliverance
Martha Grimes   Rainbow's End
P.D. James   The Black Tower
    Death Of An Expert Witness
    Original Sin
    The Skull Beneath The Skin
    Unnatural Causes
    An Unsuitable Job For A Woman
Laurie R. King   A Grave Talent
    To Play The Fool
Ngaio Marsh   Singing In The Shrouds
Kate Ross   A Broken Vessel
    Whom The Gods Love
Georges Simenon   Maigret Afraid
    Maigret And The Tavern By The Seine
    Maigret Has Scruples
    Maigret In Montmartre
    Maigret's Mistake
    Maigret's Revolver
    Maigret's Rival
    A Maigret Trio
Minette Walters   The Ice House
    The Sculptress
    The Dark Room