Completions 1994


Emily Bronte   Wuthering Heights
Charles Dickens   A Tale Of Two Cities
Nathaniel Hawthorne   The House Of Seven Gables
Joseph Heller   Catch-22
Henry James   Turn Of The Screw and Other Stories
D. H. Lawrence   Lady Chatterly's Lover
Jules Verne   20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Kurt Vonnegut   Slaughterhouse Five
Oscar Wilde   The Picture Of Dorian Gray


Nicholson Baker   Room Temperature
    The Fermata
    The Mezzanine
Rita Mae Brown   Bingo
    In Her Day
    Rubyfruit Jungle
    Six Of One
    Sudden Death
    Venus Envy
Charles Busch   The Whores Of Lost Atlantis
Catherine Bush   Minus Time
Mark Frost   The List of Seven
Josephine Hart   Damage
Haruki Murakami   Dance, Dance, Dance
Anais Nin   A Spy In The House Of Love
Pauline Reage   Story Of O
Anne Rice   The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty
    Beauty's Punishment
    Beauty's Release
    Exit To Eden
Robert Rodi   What They Did to Princess Paragon
Mark Saltzman   The Soloist
John Updike   Rabbit at Rest
Jeanette Winterson   Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit
    The Passion
Banana Yoshimoto   NP


Arthur Elgort   Models Manual
Nancy Friday   Men In Love
Anais Nin   Henry & June
Sallie Tisdale   Talk Dirty To Me


Isaac Asimov   Frontiers II
John D. Barrow   The Origin Of The Universe
Noal Boaz   Quarry
Ray Bradbury   Yestermorrow
William Burrows   Exploring Space
Francis Crick   The Astonishing Hypothesis
Murray Gell-Mann   The Quark And The Jaguar
Stephen Jay Gould   Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle
John Gribbin   In the Beginning
Richard Leakey   The Origin Of Humankind
Alan Lightman   Time For the Stars
Ivars Peterson   Chaos in the Solar System
Richard Preston   The Hot Zone
Alan Shepard
Deke Slayton
  Moon Shot

Science Fiction

Isaac Asimov   Fantastic Voyage
    I, Robot
    Robots And Empire
    The Caves Of Steel
    The Naked Sun
    The Robots Of Dawn
Ray Bradbury   The Martian Chronicles
Arthur C. Clarke   Expedition To Earth
    Glide Path
    Imperial Earth
    Reach For Tomorrow
    The City And The Stars
    The Deep Range
    The Ghost From The The Grand Banks
Arthur C. Clarke
Gentry Lee
  Rama Reveled
Ursula K. Le Guin   A Fisherman Of The Inland Sea
    The Left Hand Of Darkness


Lilian Jackson Braun   The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern
    The Cat Who Came To Breakfast
    The Cat Who Had 14 Tales
    The Cat Who Knew A Cardinal
    The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare
    The Cat Who Lived High
    The Cat Who Moved A Mountain
    The Cat Who Played Brahms
    The Cat Who Played Post Office
    The Cat Who Read Backwards
    The Cat Who Saw Red
    The Cat Who Sniffed Glue
    The Cat Who Talked To Ghosts
    The Cat Who Turned On and Off
    The Cat Who Wasn't There
    The Cat Who Went Into The Closet
    The Cat Who Went Underground
Rita Mae Brown
Sneaky Pie Brown
  Murder At Monticello
    Rest In Pieces
    Wish You Were Here
Agatha Christie   Clocks
    Crooked House
    Death In The Air
    Double Sin
    Endless Night
    Halloween Party
    Murder in Three Acts
    Postern Of Fate
    Sparkling Cyanide
    The Hollow
    Third Girl
Colin Dexter   The Secret Of Annexe 3
Johnathan Gash   Gold By Gemini
    Pearl Hanger
    The California Game
    The Grail Tree
    The Lies of the Fair Ladies
    The Tartan Sell
    The Very Last Gabado
Ngaio Marsh   Death In A White Tie
    Death Of A Peer
    Final Curtain
    Hand In Glove
    Last Ditch
    Overture To Death
    Vintage Murder
    A Wreath For Rivera
    Death and the Dancing Footman
    Death In Ectasy
    Night at the Vulcan
Dorothy L. Sayers   Lord Peter
Georges Simenon   Maigret And The Headless Corpse
    Maigret And The Madwoman
    Maigret And The Spinster
    Maigret in Exile
    Maigret In Holland
    Maigret In Vichy
    Maigret's Pipe
    Maigret And The Wine Merchant
    Maigret At The Gai-Moulin