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The Decline and Fall of IBM
Robert X. Cringely

David And Goliath
Malcolm Gladwell

Garment Of Shadows
Laurie R. King



"There us no such thing as an unmitigated good. All positive traits, states, and experiences have costs that at high levels may begin to outweigh their benefits."
Barry Schwartz / Adam Grant
Malcolm Gladwell, David And Goliath

"They thought the Kindle was cretinous; you read, you want to read a book, not a slab of hardware. Hardware was something that shot bullets."
Martha Grimes, The Way Of All Fish

"There are those girls with golden hair whom you half notice in a crowd. You see one on the outer edges of vision, in the people flooding toward you..., blond head uncovered, weaving through the dark ones, the caps, the hats, your eye catching the blondness, but registering nothing else. Then you find, when she's passed, it's too late."
Martha Grimes, The Way Of All Fish


I seldom give shout outs, but these are well-deserved. To my friends at Local Honey Salon
and Emerge Skin Therapies. A visit to both is guaranteed to brighten your day.

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